Weekend Warrior – Vacationer

The weekend warrior uses an RV mostly on weekends and vacations.

The Weekend warrior  doesn’t want to live in an RV.  You can’t get away to spend an entire winter in Arizona.  You just want to go camping occasionally. You are still working, and only have time for relatively short vacations or RVing on weekends. Your budget does not allow for an expensive RV to sit in your driveway, not being used for weeks at a time.   You are concerned that a large diesel Motorhome might suffer some of the problems associated with lack of use.  You like the idea of a motorhome with it’s ease of setting up, but just can’t see the benefits of spending the amount of money you would spend on a house, just for the convenience.  

You need a good sized camper to fit all of the family in.  Maybe you already have a good sized truck that would easily pull a camper.   Given the above considerations, your choice of RV might be a 5th wheel type of RV, or a good sized pull behind.  If you don’t have a truck or other tow vehicle, a Class C Motorhome might fit the bill. This is, of course, just a broad evaluation for the weekend warrior.


What Do You Need?

There are many different lengths and floor plans for weekend warrior.  The Class C Motorhome, for example can be found in sizes from 16 feet long to more than 34 feet.  The pull behinds and fifth wheel units also have many different lengths and floor plans.   The number of slide outs can also be a factor in providing living space.  Our suggestion may seem over simplified, but it is also the most logical way to find your unit.  Go look at all kinds, and imagine living in them for a weekend,  for 2 weeks, or a month and then make your decision.  Your choice might be all wrong for someone else. Try to evaluate all aspects of how you will use a camper.  Is it big enough for everyone to be comfortable? Will you sometimes have extra guests?  Do you cook a lot?  Is the bath and toilet area adequate?

rv show

Finding What You Need

RV shows are perfect events for a weekend warrior to evaluate camping equipment.    Most often held in winter or early spring months, these shows allow you to evaluate many different types and brands of RVs.  Try to make your show trip a fact finding trip and not necessarily a buying trip.  Make a list of all the variables you can think of.  A walk through will sometimes be all you need to answer most of your questions.  Ask a salesperson only if you can’t figure something out on your own.  Stay in control and don’t buy on impulse. The more time you spend evaluating, the more informed your decision will be.  Walk through, sit on the furniture, lay on the bed,  check out the shower size, and sit in the driver’s seat in the case of a motorhome. Then, when you think you have picked your size and layout, you should visit a dealer’s lot.  Ask to see the unit folded up into travel mode.   Can you still move about to have access to the fridge or bathroom?   All RV’s look much different in travel mode.  You probably won’t be able to see this at a trade show.

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