A Week in Port Aransas

Out and about at our “winter home” in Port Aransas, Texas

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Valentines and Sand Castles

This beautiful sand castle at South Padre Island seemed a great backdrop for a photo of “My Forever Valentine”…… Time is short guys…! Valentines day is approaching fast….!

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Amazing natural wind sculpture along the dunes of South Padre Island…. Captured during an early morning drive on our trip to the Brownsville area last week….

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dunes 2 spi (1 of 1)

Gulf Sunrise

Having gotten used to watching the sun come up on our left side and set on our right side at the Alabama beaches, it seems strange to have a sunrise straight out of our patio windows …. In South Texas, the gulf is to the east….. This was the view from our room on the morning we left South Padre Island, heading back to Port Aransas…. It also crossed my mind that our friend, Maggie, lives where the sun comes up..( On the Florida West Coast). Now we can say we’ve been all around the US Gulf Coast…. We are Blessed indeed !

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Bird Sanctuary

I could almost hear this bird say…” Don’t bother me…Can’t you see I’m fishin ???

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Oil Rig Returns Home

The oil rig on the right came into port while we were grocery shopping. A very nice neighbor told us it was coming. The day it was scheduled to come into the waterway, it was delayed by fog.   It was also foggy the day it came in.   We didn’t guess right about the timing, so we missed seeing it travel down the waterway, but here it is, in port for maintenance.  Currently the ballasts are being flushed out and maintenance is underway…..

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Ducks, a lighthouse, and a bird of prey… All in one day…!!

ducks (1 of 1)
Molly and me (1 of 1)
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Last winter when we were staying in Port Lavaca, I tried several times to get this old windmill with an interesting sunset in the background. Either there were no clouds or too many clouds. I could never get it just right…… Today as we were driving home from Port Lavaca, I kept noticing the sunset building up to what looked to be one of the great sunsets…. I was just thinking “maybe I should stop and try to get this one”…. THEN, I saw the old windmill. I had forgotten all about it… This is just what I was looking for last year…. Sometimes you just have to wait….!

windmill (1 of 1)

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