The Many Faces of McDonald



you stay in a place for a month or more, you have the opportunity to
see different scenes in more than one type of condition. Cloud
conditions, light conditions, and time of day, all have an effect on
the scene you are viewing, and consequently the photos you take.
were fortunate to be able to see the incredible Lake McDonald under
several different conditions during our month long stay around
Glacier National Park.
first saw Lake McDonald 10 years ago in the month of September.
Those times were before the forest fires destroyed many of the trees
along the hillsides to the west of the lake. The first look I had of
the lake I remember thinking “This has got to be the most
beautiful scene I have ever been blessed to view”.
the forest fires changed the landscape dramatically, after several
years of re-growth the only effects left of the fire are the remains of tall
trees spiking above the new trees.


after spending a month looking at all the grandeur around the park,
this magnificent lake with it’s surrounding lofty mountain peaks,
remains one of my favorites. I thought you might enjoy some of it’s
many faces.



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