The Ferry Crossing

The last part of our trip to Port Aransas was to cross Aransas Pass on the ferry in the motorhome.

On Board the Ferry

I had known for quite some time that one of the last parts of our trip to Port Aransas was to cross Aransas Pass on the ferry in the motorhome. Questions had been flowing through my mind as I pondered the experience. Would they be able to take a big rig? Would I have to unhook the Jeep? Would the weight of the rig cause the ferry to sag as I drove on?


The Aransas Pass Ferry runs 24/7 with 2 to 6 ferries operating as needed, depending on the traffic. The ferry is free, even for big rigs like ours.

As we approached the landing, we could see several large campers already waiting in line to board.

After about 10 minutes it was our turn. The ground crew made it easy. One man even came over to the side window to ask if I was comfortable making a turn into the next lane to board the next ferry to our right. I told him “yes I think so….. Yes, I can make it” ….. so he stopped the traffic on that lane and directed us onto the ferry into the center lane, stopping us right in the center of the ferry. Other cars and trucks then moved alongside us, filling in the lanes.


The crossing was a very nice ride. We sat above the rest of the cars and had a commanding view of the water in front and on either side.

On Board the Ferry

Leaving the ferry was even easier. The crew directed the vehicles on either side of us to drive off first, leaving us a nice wide space to just drive off. And no…. the ferry didn’t sag when we moved on and off. The boat didn’t seem to even notice the 35,000 pound bus pulling a jeep moving around on it. We could barely perceive whether we were on the ferry or on the street, either driving on or driving off.

Within a minute or so after departing the ferry we were turning into our resort…. and our new home for awhile.


The sites in Marina Beach RV Park are a little tight, but the landscaping is nice with well manicured grass, concrete pad,  and plenty of palm trees.

It’s foggy this morning but the sun is supposed to be out soon.  We are looking forward to a lazy day with just a little bit of exploring of our surroundings…… and maybe a drive on the beach.  Yep !  You can drive on the beach here if you have 4 WD…..

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