The Dexter Lake Club and “Animal House”



October 16, 2014
“Dexter Lake Club and Animal House”

Last night we had dinner in the Dexter Lake Club, featured in the
road trip scenes in the movie Animal House. We ate in the cafe, and
had a pretty good meal (too much garlic). Then we just peeped into
the bar long enough to see the sound stage, the zebra wallpaper, and
hubcaps on the wall behind where Otis Day and the Knights played
(they still do).

Afterwards, we rented the movie to see if we recognized anything
that we had just seen, but after a few minutes, the language and the
sexual innuendos became less than humorous……. So we switched over
to an episode of “The Walton’s” (such party animals we
are)…….Guess we’ll never know much more about “Animal
House”. But for what it’s worth, and for all you fans, we went
to the place of the original movie set, and the Deathmobile still
sits out front……


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