Our 51st Anniversary

Thank you for the Anniversary Comments

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Thanks to all of you who made such beautiful inspirational comments about us on our 51st anniversary. Reading about this beautiful couple who are living the dream, who are an inspiration to others, and who have such sweet personalities, made me pause to look at the photo of us again, just to be sure who you were talking about …..

Then I realized that perhaps you are seeing just a glimpse of  “He Who dwells Within Us”.

The thought that we could somehow occasionally get ourselves out of the way so you could see this person within us, humbled me greatly. Surrendering your life to God is not like surrendering to a dictator, tyrant, or a bully, as some seem to think…. It’s more like picturing yourself going to a new place on vacation, and you have a dear friend who lives there. In fact, your friend has lived there for 20 years, and knows every corner of the city. This friend also knows everything about you, the kind of things you like, and the things that will give you joy and pleasure….. and loves nothing more than to see you enjoy all the things he can show you….. This friend plans everything about your vacation, the things to see, the places to go, the people to introduce you to, and you come home thinking….. “that was the best vacation ever….!”

This happens to us all the time. We stop at a new place and it seems that our Friend is already there.

He shows us amazing things of His creation. He introduces us to His friends. He shows us how we can help a neighbor with an issue with an RV. He shows us old barns, for example, that a friend of His built a century ago, and another of His friends painted a quilt block on. He lets us hear wonderful music that is over a century old and other friends of His have lovingly kept and derive pleasure in playing. He puts us in the path of a friend of His who just needs to talk….and He puts us in the path of other friends who can inspire us when we need it…..

It’s such an easy life for us…. Not that there aren’t days that try our patience, or make us think that everything is falling apart, or cause us to have to do things that we don’t want to do. Those days happen to all of us. Those days also seem to be the days that help us find wisdom. But the pleasure of the days when our Friend shows us great things, far outshadow the others.

Thanks again for all of the wonderful comments. Just realize that you may be seeing in us something that is far beyond us. The Holy Spirit of God wants to dwell within all of us. And He wants to show Himself to others through us. Not that we have done anything to deserve Him. All we did was acknowledge our need, accept and receive the freely offered Gift of Jesus. He does the rest….! We love Y’all !

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