How many times have you heard someone say “We went to Denali and were told that it is right there, but we never saw it?”

Tetons coming out 2-2209

Courtesy of Uncle Sam, we went to a small town in southern Switzerland, where we went to bed at the foot of the Matterhorn, but did not see the mountain until the following morning.

The Tetons can be somewhat the same. They often have a tendency to hide behind clouds, so you can’t see them.

Tetons Hiding 6-

Our trip started that way, with low hanging clouds shrouding the highest peaks. As the day progressed, snow and rain covered the mountain tops and gradually worked down almost half way down the side. The next day started about the same.

Tetons Hiding 2-2100
Tetons Hiding 4-2103

If fact, it wasn’t until early afternoon that the peaks started to show themselves. By mid afternoon the sun was out in full and the peaks were showing off their brilliance. We are glad we waited.

Tetons coming out 5-2265
Tetons coming out 1-2203
Tetons coming out 1-2204

The Tetons are beautiful mountains. Unlike some ranges, the Tetons seem to rise up from the plains, without any foothills or smaller ranges leading into them. It’s pretty awe inspiring to stand at the foot of the Grand Teton and look up into it’s heights.

teton 9-2192
teton 10-

This was a great side trip with friends Sharon and Jerry. Everything is better with friends along…..!

teton 8-2250
teton 9-2191
teton 8-2251

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