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Sunrise from the Campsite 

RVing Pics, camping photos, travel photography, call it what you will, but taking a camera along on your RV adventures seems to be a natural thing to do. Without pictures, the things you see and do on your RV trip would soon be forgotten. Photos trigger memories, and help you remember details of long forgotten evernts, places, people and good times.

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In the digital age we live in, photos have never been easier. Many die hard film photographers have migrated to the digital cameras and their versatility, simply because it’s much easier to get a good photo, or to create a good one in editing, from of a less than ideal exposure.                   

I will say that I hope film photography never completely goes away. It is very rewarding to compose, expose, and develop a masterpiecs with a film shot. And the knowledge one gains from doing it the hard way, carries over into the digital area as well.

Most RVers today carry a good digital camera to document their travels. And most have a pretty good camera in their phone for when their regular camera is left in the RV.

The choices in cameras is amazing these days. And it seems that every month a new one comes out with more features, more quality, and more versatility. This also seems to be the case with phone cameras as well.

You just have to ask yourself, Do I want something fully automatic? Is “point and click my style”? Is it heavy to carry around? Do I want good manual exposure versatility? Do I want to take my time composing and exposing, or do I just want to snap away and fix minor imperfections in the editor? And what about lenses? Do I need telephoto or zoom capability?

Camping Photos – Cameras

At this point, both Jo and I have Canon cameras. Jo chose a Canon G12. My son chose mine as a Christmas gift and it’s a Canon T5i. Jo’s camera has telephoto capability and both automatic and some manual settings. The camera is a pocket camera and is light and easy to carry along with her.

Mine is a through the lens system and will accept interchangable lenses. It has lots of features that give me many choices in exposure for different conditions. With a 18/200 zoom lens, it gets a little heavy on a longer hike. I have gotten used to it. It also has a full featured video camera built in. Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Sigma and others have cameras with similar capabilities.

I also have a GoPro video camera that I attach to the Jeep’s front bumper for capturing those times when you want to video an entire drive through an area etc.

There are a number of websites where you can compare cameras and their features head to head to help choose your camping photos camera.

Here are a couple:



Consumer Reports also can help with reviews, features, pricing etc. http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/digital-cameras.htm


Become a better Photographer

Do you need some technical know how? Have questions about composition or cropping? Need to learn editing software? The Dupater Crew are accomplished photographers who live and travel on their incredible narrowboat, currently moored along the banks of the River Nene. Their years of experience in many aspects of photography make them highly qualified to help you with your own “living the dream” photography. Check out their web site ” Dupater Crew Photography “. You will be inspired!

Camping Photos – 365 Photo Challenge

When we first started our RV living style, my son challenged us to do a 365 Photo Challenge.

It is quite simple. Take a photo every day. Post it in a public place on the internet. Evaluate your photos at the end of the year and see if you have improved from the first days in your photography.

There can be a little variation. You are allowed to make two or three on the same day and post them later if you have a time when you just can’t get one today. Consistancy in taking photos is the goal.

You can view my challenge photos under the drop down menu above.

Good luck in selecting your cameras,  and in learning more about the fascinating hobby of photography.  Now go out and take a bunch of camping photos.  Remember to share them !

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