Snowbird RVing

A Snowbird is an RVer who likes warm winters and cool summers.

snowbird FL

As winter approaches, the snowbird RVer begins to gather warm winter things to head south.  Finding a warm place to winter is the snowbird’s primary goal.

Florida Destinations

Orlando and central Florida are among the most appealing snowbird destinations.  The winters are very mild with freezing temperatures rare. Modest amounts of rainfall add to the appeal. You can expect lots of sunshine and short sleeve shirt days throughout most winters.  There are lots of golf courses!  Disney World, Universal Studios, and Seaworld are all within a short drive.  RV parking sites range from Motorcoach exclusive resorts to more modest campgrounds. Good Sam club campgrounds are abundant.  Both fresh water fishing and  salt water fishing are minutes away.  Large mouth bass fishing is incredible. In some campgrounds nice fishing lakes are right on the property.


And don’t forget, Florida has both a gulf coast and an Atlantic coast. The Atlantic coast has Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami.  Along the gulf coast are Panama City, Tampa, St Petersburg, Fort Myers, and Naples. In between and down at the tip are the fabulous Florida Keys. Almost anywhere you choose to stay in Florida, you are less than 100 miles from the opposite coast. That makes for easy and convenient day trips. Florida’s winter appeal is classic. There are literally thousands of campsites. There will also be thousands of people, so make reservations.

snowbird girls texans


It has been said that Winter Texans are just Snowbirds in cowboy hats and boots.

While most of Texas is subject to some occasional freezing temperatures, the norm is sunshine with pleasant day and night temperatures. The gulf coast of Texas is a beautiful area to spend your time. Beaches from Galveston to Corpus Christi to Padre Island offer luxury RV resorts, abundant campgrounds, and a wide variety of seafood.

San Antonio is a little further inland but is worth your time.  The story of the Alamo is inspiring.  The river walk is a must.  Motorcoach resorts and excellent campgrounds are close by. And did I mention Mexican food? Tex-Mex, to be more specific, and you haven’t lived until you’ve tried it.



Every winter thousands of northerners flock to this warm and dry state to spend the winter months alongside others that have migrated to their winter homes.  Beautiful desert sunsets will blow you away. Phoenix and Tuscon are filled with entertainment possibilities of all types.  Short sleeves, shorts,  golf attire, and swimming suits are the normal attire.   Exclusive motorcoach resorts, mid priced resorts, and modest campgrounds are all easy to find.

A drive out into the desert to see the cacti will be a memorable experience.  Mexico is close by and tag-a-longs are planned regularly.  You can find lots of things to suit you in Arizona. You will also likely see the same folks year after year.   We enjoyed wintering with the snowbirds during our winter in Arizona. Expect a lot of talk about what the weather is like “back home”.  

Are you a snowbird? 

Snowbird living is not for everyone.  But if you would like to choose your winter own type of winter weather, and where you want to spend your winters, you just might be a snowbird.

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