RV Lifestyle – Slow Living

If you have lived most of your working life on a schedule as we have, the slow living nature of RVing seems almost a luxury.

Slow living is a real treat.  During our professional careers it seemed we have always had to be on a schedule.  We had to be somewhere at some appointed time. If we arrived at the office a few minutes late, it seemed that we ran late all day long. Lunch seemed a little longer in coming, and if we tried to cut our lunch break short, invariably the first few patients after lunch would be a few minutes late, bringing us back to the way we started out. The end of the day came late and we would often be exhausted from rushing around all day.

What’s amazing though, is if we arrived early in the morning it still never seemed that we were running ahead of schedule.  It seems it’s just the nature of scheduled living to cause anxiety. You always have to be somewhere to do something at a certain time. Even fun activities are scheduled and have to end at a certain time because, well….. you have to be somewhere else. Even vacations have to be on a schedule. You only have so much time, because you have to be back, so you have to make sure that you get to the next vacation stop on time and, of course, you have to rush around, see everything, and move on.

When we moved into our RV we felt it was time to stop all that!  Many fulltime RVers tell us it is rare for them to look at a clock.  We love driving along in our motorhome with the big picture window in front, just watching all of the impatient, horn blowing, and often angry schedule keepers, just like we have been for most of our lives.  When you are living in an RV, a short stop to see an attraction or pick up a few things, often turns into an unexpected discovery that you just have to spend a little more time exploring.  When we are traveling in our motorhome we very often linger over morning coffee when we could be getting an early start. And horror of horrors, we are sometimes late getting back to the motorhome from a day trip excursion. Only now we don’t even know we are late because we didn’t look at the clock. And besides, the crock pot has been working on dinner all afternoon. Slow living. What a treasure.

Simon and Garfunkel wrote a song that started out “Slow down, you move too fast”. Could they have been RVers?  Hmm, something to contemplate.

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