Fulltime RVers and Family Events

How do Fulltime RVers continue to have family events like holiday get togethers and reunions?


Family Events

How do Fulltime RVers continue to have family events like holiday get togethers and reunions?

 If you are considering becoming fulltime RVers the topic opens up many questions.

If you are accustomed to doing family things in your own home, and it is a long-standing tradition, we can understand how changing might be tramatic.  However in many cases, sons and daughters and their spouses are very willing to step up and offer their homes for family events and holiday get togethers.

In other cases, the sons and daughters are the ones who want to hold to traditions. They find it hard that Mom and Dad are no longer able to do things the way they always have.  We are not going to pretend to have the answers to all situations.   And we are not unsympathetic to family traditions. This is all part of the decision to become fulltime Rvers.

From our own experience, we found that having our first Christmas as fulltime RVers was just as special in our son’s home as it ever was in our own home. The place was far less important than the family time spent together. Our son also had us over for a Mother’s Day meal that was just as special.

Full time RVers have it better

Let us assure you that if you have made the decision to be fulltimers, you will also find a way to work out the family things. In fact, some things really work out to be better. For example, you might decide you want to spend a little time with family or friends in another city. Instead of calling to say you are coming and plan to spend a month there, you can simply park your rig in a nearby campground and call and say: “Just wanted you to know we are in Dallas for a month, so call me if you want to do something”. You are not upsetting anyone’s lifestyle by moving in with them, and you are also free to explore and do other things yourselves. Sometimes its really great to have your home with you. It gives you the freedom to be more relaxed and spontaneous because you are not being a burden on anyone.

We have some friends who spend most of their time rotating their stops between their six children and families who live in different parts of the country. They love it, and so do their kids. Mom and Dad can be reassured that their daughter and grandchildren are really OK, and the kids know that Mom and Dad will soon be around for an extended time and they will have them all to themselves.

Fulltime RVers can still be the hosts

Look into the campground’s facilities if you just have to host an event. Many campgrounds and RV resorts have a pavilion or a club room that can be reserved for your event. It just takes a little organizing and planning.  Some RV resorts even have kitchen facilities that can be reserved so you can do your own cooking.

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