RV Truck Campers

Truck campers have been around for a long time. They consist of a box on stilts that you can back under with your pickup.


The camper is then lowered onto the bed of the truck and secured for travel.

Pickup campers are compact and they are not for everyone.  If you are RVing alone, this type of RV might work easily for you.  If there are two or more of you….Let’s just say “you really have to get along”.  Having said that, the newer pickup campers have slide outs available that, like their cousins the 5th wheels and motorhomes, seem much larger inside.

If you like to move often and love being close you might just find that this type of camper would work well for you.  We have friends that RV part time.  They still spend months at a time together in their truck camper. They love the fact that when they are driving, it is just like driving their truck and they can squeeze into tighter spaces for shopping and sightseeing. And they can pull their bass boat along behind.

This camper has a second bedroom which lowers down after the camper has been removed from the truck.

Inside view of a modern pickup camper.   All the comforts of home.

Other Thoughts 

Before you rush out and buy a large pickup camper for a small truck, take the time to evaluate the weight limits of the truck you are going to use. The heavier duty the truck, the bigger the camper you can carry. Also evaluate the materials the camper is made from. Aluminum is lighter than steel.  Ask about the weight of the camper and estimate what it will weigh fully loaded.  Most manfacturers are becoming more weight conscious these days.

It’s also a good idea to check out how easy the camper is to load and unload from your pickup. You want to be able to drive out from under your camper easily, so checking to see how long it would take to set up and break down, as with any type of camper, is a consideration. What about the stilts.  Do they raise and lower the camper easily?  Truck campers are great for some people.  If it will work for you, it is an economical, stress free way to travel.

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