RV Travel Trailers Overview

Most SUV’s will pull the smaller travel trailers.  Larger SUVs will of course, pull larger trailers. Some can be pulled by regular full size cars. A good source of information is the Trailer Life Towing Guide.

Airstream on the Beach

Styles They Are A’Changing


“Pull Behinds” come in a wide range of lengths and weights. There are a number of light weights out there that can be towed by smaller vehicles. A little research can help you find just the right combo.

Many campers of this type are very roomy and comfortable, thanks to slideouts and thoughtful designs.

Inside appointments in today’s modern campers will make you feel right at home.  Nice comfortable furniture, entertainment systems, and modern kitchens will make everything OK when the weather turns bad and sends you inside.

AirStream’s unique curved corners and light materials have been a benchmark for easy towing designs for many years.  Light weight and streamlined, they do tow well. Except for the constant bubble in your rear view mirror you might just forget it’s back there.

There are lots of good pull behind manufacturers today making for an abundance of different designs choices.   Companies are listening to the needs and ideas of campers everywhere,  and are providing excellent innovative quality travel trailers .

Good Hitches = Safety + Better Ride

A good hitch that distributes the tongue weight of the trailer to both axles of the tow vehicle is a must for safe towing. Without such a hitch the tongue weight of the trailer will actually cause a lifting of the front of the tow vehicle producing less stability and less turning traction to the steering of the vehicle.  The spring arms of the hitch will help to distribute the weight properly, equalizing the weight to the front and back axles of the tow vehicle.  The result will be less swaying of the trailer and a far better and safer ride.

There are  good innovations in hitch designs that help you match your camper and vehicle.  A good dealer/installer can help you with measurements and adjustments to get you the best weight distribution possible for your unit.

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