RV Products (Our Top Ten)

This sounded like an easy thing to do when we first thought of it, however, deciding on just 10, and putting them in an order of importance, was a little more difficult than we expected.

Our Top Ten RV Products

New RV products are coming out all the time. Everyone buys things for their RV to help make the RV experience just a little better. If you attend a lot of rallies, this can get to be a problem. If you buy several new RV products at each rally, you can quickly fill up your space. Since there are so many fascinating things out there, we decided to select our Top 10.

This sounded like an easy thing to do when we first thought of it, however, deciding on just 10, and putting them in an order of importance, was a little more difficult than we expected. When you really like a product, it’s hard to make it less important than something else you really like, but since selecting favorites is not a perfect science, here’s our list.

Number 10

Rhinoflex Sewer System

How does a sewer system become one of our favorites? By doing it’s job and leaving us alone !

So far the Rhinoflex system does just that. It has telescoping action with good easy to attach ends that are interchangable and that lock and stay in place. We have most of the components of the system, and we can find something that will work at almost every campground. It provides a tight seal, good end caps for every type of end, and it simply works. We have been happy with the Rhinoflex system for about 3 years without trouble. We have tried others, but this is our favorite.

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RV Products -Number 9

Comfort Smart Heater


Infrared Quartz technology is the secret behind this little heater. It’s a little on the heavy side. It’s a little bulky. But it will heat our entire coach on a chilly night. Now let me explain that we are not likly to be found anywhere where it’s 15 degrees at night, but we have found that when it get’s down to the high twenty’s and the thirty’s in Florida or south Texas, we stay toasty warm with this unit. And… it doubles as a coffee table. The finish matches our cabin trim and looks very nice in our coach. It also seems to be easy on the electric bill. It is very quiet, and so far it has been reliable. We just finished the third heating season with this little heater.

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RV Products – Number 8

Campfire in a Can

Sometimes you just want a campfire. Some campgrounds do not allow open fires. Sometimes it’s just too much trouble to gather or buy firewood, find paper, kindling, fire starters, bank a fire and then if mosquitoes arrive, you have to either suffer through until the fire dies down, or you find a way to get water on your fire.  Often the process ends with a stinky smell all over you from drenching your fire.

Solution….Campfire in a Can. All you have to do is take off the lid, hook up the attached hose to a propane source, turn on the propane and light your fire. This little campfire provides a fully adjustable flame from low to high so you can pick the fire you want. Then when you are ready to go inside, turn off the gas, and go inside.

Of course sometimes there’s noting like a real fire….but when you can’t have the real thing and you just want a little ambiance…….the Campfire in a Can fills the bill. We have used ours many times and we enjoy both the look and the convenience.

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little red campfire

Number 7

Hoss Pads

Black, dense, rubberized jack pads hold the weight of a heavy coach, are oversized, and do NOT stand out like a neon sign !……. and they have rope handles to make it easy to remove them when you’re done. These are tough and rugged and will hold up.  All you have to remember is to  put them back in your coach before you leave.  These are a little expensive, but you get what you pay for…..if you don’t leave them behind….

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Hoss Pads

RV Products – Number 6

Roll Out Cabinet Shelves 

These space saving roll out shelves are sturdy, provide easy access to items, and can be installed in most cabinet spaces to vastly increase your storage capacities. We installed them in most of our cabinets and have been really happy with them. They make finding cans or small boxes much easier and will really increase your storage.

If you just don’t do mechanical stuff……you might want to have someone install them for you, but most people with normal skills will find them easy to install. We mounted 2 in most of our cabinets at different heights.

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roll our shelves

RV Products – Number 5

Nuwave Cooktop


Set this little cooktop on your counter and turn it on. It heats instantly, heats only the food, and turns off and cools quickly. You will need pans that a magnet will stick to (induction cookware) for this little cooktop to work, but once you have that, you are ready to go. We have found the temperature control acheived by this cooktop to be amazing. It’s really hard to burn things… And it has a wide range of temperatures available. We love it !

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nu wave induction

RV Products – Number 4

Extend-a-stay Kit

You have decided to stay in ski country for the winter. It gets chilly enough at night that you want to use your propane furnace. The state you are in doesn’t allow onsite delivery of propane, or the campground doesn’t offer the service. So when your main tank get’s low, you have to pack up and move the unit to the propane refill area for more propane. A nuisance at best. We found a little adapter kit called the Extend-a-stay. By placing the kit in the propane line from your main tank, you can shut off the main tank, and attach a smaller tank, (we use a 30 pound tank) and only have to take the tank to the propane refill area when it’s empty.)

That’s much easier than moving the whole RV. This little adapter kit has saved us a lot of hassle during stays when we need to use propane.

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Extend a stay

RV Products – Number 3

Small CrockPot

When our crock pot went bad a couple of years ago, we started to think about alternatives to the full size crock pot. Most standard slow cookers hold about 6 to 8 quarts, a little too much for most couples to have to deal with for just the two of them. We finally decided on a 3 quart crock pot to save dealing with endless leftovers. We have found that 3 quarts of most recipes is enough for about 2 meals for us plus a little for a lunch portion as well. That way we never tire of our favorite recipes, and are always excited about the possibilities of making the same dish again soon. Of course most recipes can be frozen but with limited freezer space, it works better to do smaller recipes, at least for us. We like our little crock pot seen here:

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crock pot

RV Products – Number 2

VIAIR Compressor

Best little compressor I have ever used. This mighty mini will inflate your coach’s tires to your requirements without batting an eye. 150 PSI output at 100% duty cycle means it will put the 120 psi (or whatever yours calls for) into your RV tires without hesitation. We carry it in our Jeep so we can easily re-inflate our Jeep tires after running aired-down for better traction and better ride over rough roads. It is fast and efficient, even on our RV tires. This product makes it easy to maintain proper tire inflation, one of the essentials for good tire life.

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Favorite RV Products

Number 1

Spiderlegs Tables

When you need an extra table, consider these great solutions. These have a unique folding system with a patented hinge mechanism that works flawlessly.  We bought a computer table for each of us, and also a very nice larger table that is big enough for four persons to sit at to play cards or eat, and it makes a nice extra serving table when you just need more serving room.   When not needed it folds into a suitcase size for easy storage.   The company makes a size and style for just about any purpose.

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