RV Pop Up Campers – Inexpensive and Made For Fun! 

Are pop up campers more in line with your current lifestyle?


Are pop up campers more in line with your current lifestyle?  If you just want to take your family camping and are not ready to make rving your lifestyle, these camper trailers are great for weekend trips and even longer vacation trips.

Pop Up Campers

There is technically a difference between pop ups and tent trailers. Pop-ups generally have a hard top that elevates to ceiling height and slide outs or fold outs that expand the size of the trailer, usally for sleeping areas. These units are often equipped with air conditioners and camp kitchens. Some even have toilets that can be hooked into campground sewer systems.

Pop Up Campers have come a long way in recent years and are typically very roomy and have good well thought out designs., We have met campers that have traveled extensively on long vacations in this type of camper who rave about both the simplicity, towing features, and comfort.  When folded into travel mode they are lower and offer less wind resistance.  They can be towed by a large variety of cars and trucks.  Pop ups have lifting mechanisms for raising the roof portion. Some are manual crank types. Others have electric lift motors that make setup and take down quite easy.


Go to an RV dealer, or attend a camping show, and walk through some of these campers. If it has been awhile since you took a look, you will probably be surprised at some of the advancements.

Photos courtesy Camping World

Pop Up Campers or Tent Trailer

Tent trailers are similar to pop-ups but are more a tent on wheels. They have an all canvas top and less comfort features, although there have been advances in arrangements that are quite comfortable. Most employ chemical toilets and have water and electric hookups. Some even have sliding window air conditioners to add to the comfort in summer. We had an off road version of the Livin’Lite Quicksilver tent trailer that we took on our rock crawler weekends that was quite comfortable and roomy inside. The Quicksilver line sports all aluminum construction (no wooden parts), made for low maintenance.

Whether tent trailer or popup, your choice is up to you and your individual circumstances.  When we bought our tent trailer we were looking for the highest ground clearance possible to get us into out of the way places.  You may be more concerned about creature comforts or ease of use features.

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