Quilt Square Girl At Work

Because I am a quiltmaker and lover of all things pertaining to quilts, as we travel Dwight and I seek out Barn Quilt Trails. There are a lot of them here in the mountains of NC and we are truly enjoying them. A barn quilt is a large, (typically 8′ x 8′) , hand-painted wooden quilt block displayed on a barn. The Quilt Square Girls (Syndi and Renee) in West Jefferson, NC are in the business of painting barn quilt blocks. When I entered their shop, Syndi was hard at work on this square.


The attractive shop front invites you in.


The bright quilt blocks on the side of the building give you a taste of things to come inside the shop.


Inside, the shop displays examples of Syndi and Renee’s work as well as items for purchase that feature smaller versions of their quilt squares.


Interesting gift items are also available in the shop.


I loved this bright cheery corner where accompanying hubbies can sit and have lots to look at.


Syndi (don’t you love how her name is spelled!) was holding down the fort the day I visited and was kind enough to pose for a picture.


I don’t have a barn, but I ordered a 1′ x 1′ quilt block to hang outside by the front door of the RV.  These are printed onto sign board by another company using designs originally painted by the Quilt Square Girls.  I know lots of other quilters who would love to have some of their work,  so here are links to their website and Facebook page:                 https://ilovebarnquilts.com/index.html  and  https://www.facebook.com/quiltsquaregirls/



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