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One of the many fifth wheels available today could be an excellent choice if you are looking for luxury and places for all your stuff.

RV 5th Wheel

As with most camper types, these campers have a wide range of styles, shapes, sizes, and prices.  There are even 5 slide units available that have a slide within a slide. Of course, these more luxurious units come with a higher price tag, but don’t forget to check out good used units.  There are many out there to choose from and with patience you can find a lot of luxury at affordable prices.

Towing Vehicles for Fifth Wheels

You will need a good truck to tow your camper. Half ton pickups, like the F150 Ford, 1500 Dodge Ram or 1500 Chevy will pull a small camper. If you are thinking of something larger you should consider going to 3/4 ton or larger.   An F250 or 2500 will pull most medium size campers. For the larger 3 axle units an F350/F450 – 3500/4500 or even bigger would be a better choice. The majority of campers that choose the larger 5th wheels use a diesel powered truck. One big factor influencing the decision to go with diesel is the improved torque for towing. That does not mean that a larger gas engine truck would not work fine. Some people are partial to one or the other.  Either will work fine. If you have a preference of gas or diesel based on your own experience, or on the advice from someone you trust, by all means don’t be afraid to go with it.  And again it’s the same with trucks as RVs themselves.  If you are looking to economize there are good used trucks available everywhere.  A diesel truck with 50k miles on it is just getting broken in good.  They are made for the long haul.  Check them out, of course, or take along a trusted friend who is more knowledgeable to help you..

The Fifth Wheel Hitch

The hitch, as the name implies, is mounted in the truck bed and looks and works like a semi-truck hitch. These are strong, well designed, safe hitches, that have proven themselves as workhorses many times over. Hook up is quick and relatively easy

Many campers choose 5th wheel campers over motorhomes for one simple reason. If you make a mistake and pull into a place where you can’t turn around, you CAN carefully back out of it. With motorhomes towing cars with 4 wheels on the ground, backing up, even for short distances is not recommended. You have to get out and disconnect the car to back out. More than a few expensive hitches have been ruined by drivers trying to back a motorhome with a car attached.

Modern 5th wheel type campers are growing in popularity. Construction workers who work out of town a lot have used these campers for many years. Full time RVers, especially the Snowbird set, love them because of the low maintenance and reliability. You can let them sit for long periods  without developing problems. When it’s time to move from your winter home to your summer home you can just hook up, check the tire pressure, generator, etc. and go.  Motorhomes on the other hand like to be driven.

Have a closer look at a few modern Fifth Wheel Units (here)

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