My Camera and I go Lookin’

Sometimes I like to just take my camera and go out looking. At times I find a good shot opportunity. Other days my camera just sits in it’s place on the dash of the Jeep and I come home with nothing.

western gulf sunrise (1 of 1)
sunrise (1 of 1)

Western Gulf of Mexico sunrise….

sunrise windy day (1 of 1)

Looks like its going to be a windy day…

Some days my  camera and I like to go looking for something specific, like a sunrise or sunset, an unusual landscape perspective, or I might have in mind a documentary in photos of a campground or a small town we visit.

Then there are the really fun days when I just take my camera along and let my eye move about, seeking something to take a picture of. I might spot a flower. I might see wild critters.  My camera seems to like “yard art”.  It’s amazing what kinds of things people come up with to put plants in, or to display for people to see in their front yard.

Now I’m not talking about old Buicks sitting on concrete blocks, or old toilet fixtures that sit near the front porch with weeds growing in them. That’s stretching yard art a bit too much for me. I do, however like old wagons tastefully made into planters. Even an antique pickup with the bed overflowing with petunias, tastefully done, can be outstanding.

I love unusual things, and I am thrilled when I see something like an old well shelter with flower pots hanging from the beams or sitting on the well pedestal. Not being a particularly creative person myself, these things cause me to wonder how someone could come up with the idea. I guess some folks can just see things while others can’t….

Anyway, here are a few things that made me stop and take a photo. Maybe you will love some and hate some. I know how you feel. Often I find myself saying. “I’m sure glad I had my camera for that one” or I might also say “What were you thinking…..??” These represent a little of both….. I am not sure myself where to put some of them……

beach bonfire (1 of 1)

You think you should have parked a little further away ??

birds hitchcock (1 of 1)

Enough Birds for a Hitchcock Movie  ?

water tower (1 of 1)

Alice, Texas lays claim to the world’s tallest water tower…. It’s in the Guinness Book of Records… I wonder how many high school kids have climbed it over the years ??

castle (1 of 1)

Souvenir Shop – The side that faces the street looks like a sand castle…

egret (1 of 1)

Egrets seem to be everywhere this time of year along the Texas Gulf Coast

sparkling waters (1 of 1)

Sometimes a shot towards the sun actually works…. This shot was taken from the CCC built facility on Lake Corpus Christi

another ccc project (1 of 1)

A shelter built by the “CCC” during the post WW-I era.  Some of our relatives worked out of CCC camps.

enjoying the lake view (1 of 1)

JoAnn enjoying the view of the lake from the lookout deck at the CCC Shelter on Lake Corpus Christi

view from the top (1 of 1)

The view JoAnn was enjoying in the photo above…

girl not granny (1 of 1)

The local “Granny’s Tamales truck” comes through the RV resort selling Tamales occasionally….  It’s kinda like an ice cream truck only better !! They are really good !! ( I’m pretty sure the delivery girl is NOT Granny …..)

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