Leaf Lookin’ Day

Today we went “leaf looking” and of course went in 2 separate cars. Guys in one, girls in the other….(makes for better conversation).


JoAnn, Hilda, and Sharon had met at the quilter’s guild somewhere in the distant past. Glenn, Steve, and I met a little later as part of a labor force recruited to assemble and disassemble quilt display frames for quilt shows…. (quilter mules).  All quilter husbands will understand…….

We also are all RVers. (Where three or more motorhomes are gathered together…. expect chaos, mischief, and rambunctious comradery) And if all are Rammer Jammers from Alabama, expect those characteristics to at least tripple……!

We get together when we can. This time it’s in the Wears Valley, Pigeon Forge area, and after just one day, we are having a blast.


We drove the Foothills Parkway, then to Tellico Plains for lunch at the bakery, then a stop at a free museum, on to a nearby waterfall, finally returning after a drive across the Cherohala skyway.

                                  Steve and Sharon


                                  Glenn and Hilda


                            “We Missed a Quilt Shop??!”


                             Dwight and JoAnn

                                                              Photo by Sharon Monteith


                        Steve receives a Word from “On High” !?


                      Sharon “busts a move” !

Steve is so proud !  Hilda and Glenn are obviously impressed !!


                          Glenn captures the moment


We had made the same loop earlier in the month with friends from Wisconsin, Mitch and Renae, and were anxious to see if any fall color had appeard since we were last there. We were not disappointed. Blazing colors awaited us as we neared the top where we stopped for a look around.

                      We find some color


The stop ended up taking longer than we expected after a Pastor from Chattanooga (formally from the Birmingham area) just had to walk over and meet these people with Alabama plates. After a couple of “Roll Tides” all around (He seemed relieved that no one said “WDE”… ) we learned that other members of his party were also quilters, thus initiating a show and tell from Hilda of her latest project. In the mean time JoAnn had met another couple, and was quickly learning all she could from them (after all she is a Moore sister) further delaying our departure toward home.


The girls, who were in the lead on the way home, decided to take us on the “scenic route”….(an extra 25 miles) (excuse was “we were talking and made a wrong turn”) …..so It was dark by the time we arrived back at camp.

But is was a fine day, and of course, being able to spend it with friends was priceless.


                         Smile….. You’re on Candid Camera !!

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