Knowing Your RV

knowing your RV

Learning to know your RV can be confusing. Forums and web sites, in their attempts to give you information, can sometimes add to that confusion by making things over complicated. Most RVers do not really care how each little part of their RV works. They have no desire to become an RV repair technician. However, sometimes a little knowledge can go a long way toward relieving fears of the unknown and getting longer and better service out of your RV’s components.

Getting to Know Your RV


Knowing what to look for when evaluating your RV’s roof can save some costly roof repairs.

RV Tires are one of the biggest normal maintenance expenses.  It just makes sense to properly maintain them.

Learning how to maintain your batteries, both engine starting batteries and the house batteries can add life to those expensive components.

Information about your RV’s air conditioning system, and learning simple maintenance tips that should be done by you the owner, can improve efficiency and life spans of these units.  RV Air Conditioner maintenance.

When we started RVing we barely knew that we had holding tanks, not to mention black and gray ones. (One has to start somewhere in the learning curve). Learning when to dump each tank, which valves to leave open and which to leave closed can just make life more pleasant by NOT filling your RV with unpleasant odors.  RV holding tanks (more)   A little preventive maintenance that is quick and simple to do can also keep your tanks in good working order.

Some systems need regular maintenance. Others, like the furnace, as an example, are better left to the RV service technician. Learning to know your RV will help you decide which is which.

And what’s that ammonia smell coming from my refrigerator? How did that get there? What should I do about it?

What about solar panels. Do they really save you money? How do they work on an RV? What kind should you get? How do you determine how many you need?

Answers to these questions can give you peace of mind and increase your confidence level by several degrees. A really great web site that should be on every RVer’s list for good, sound, reliable information about the in’s and out’s of RV’s is Money Saving RV Repair. These good folks will help you learn about your RV, so you can not only do your own simple repairs and maintenance, but also know when to consult an RV specialist.

RV Detailing

RV detailing sounds like a good way to spend your break from sightseeing, so you pull into your campsite, set up your rig, and sit down for a minute to plan your work. That’s when you notice the small sign right out of your front window, “No RV Washing Allowed.”

If you find yourselves in Orange County, CA and feel the need for a little extra TLC for your RV, give Darren Priest a call at Expert Mobile Car Detailing – (Auto Fetish Detail) In the meantime, check out the site. There are lots of tips and techniques for doing your own thing as well.

Your RV will thank you!



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