If you like to get up close and personal with nature there is probably no better way than kayaking and canoeing.  Gliding across the water silently give you a feeling of peace and contentment offered no other way.  The only sound is an occasional swish or small splash as your paddles ease across the water.  Some scenery just can’t be seen any other way.  You just have to get out on the water and work your way around points and inlets to find just the right place to take a photo or do a picnic.

Of course, other folks like to use kayaks for white water trips and other more adventuresome and exciting ways.  There are literally hundreds of kayak trips of all kinds that you can take for whatever floats your boat….(bad pun).  Lessons on safe and proper use of the kayaks are available at most kayak rental stations.


Learn The Basics

This is especially important if you plan to do a whitewater excursion.  Often your boat is going to be upside down in the water.  Since you are essentially part of  the boat in the way your are secured into it, you have to know how to right the boat.  Lessons usually include a practice session of doing these maneuvers until you get it right.  It is possible to get out of an overturned boat, if you just can’t get it turned upright, but it’s wastes a lot of time and energy.

Most people, after learning the basics of kayaking, find it an exhilarating experience that gets repeated over and over for years.  Have fun !


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