Iwo Jima Memorial

If you have never seen the Iwo Jima Memorial of soldiers planting our flag at Iwo Jima, it should be a high priority on your bucket list.

Iwo Jima Memorial
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It gave me “goose bumps” seeing it in person near Arlington National Cemetary, a long time ago during a visit there. The intensity on the faces of the young men planting the American Flag are not easily forgotten.

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If you don’t happen to be near Arlington Cemetary, but are wintering in south Texas, try stopping by the Marine Military Acedamy in Harlingen, Texas. This academy is a prep school for young men grades 8–12 . On the campus is a replica of the Iwo Jima memorial in Arlington, Virginia.

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We stopped by during our visit to Brownsville, South Padre Island, and Harlingen during one of our side trips a couple of days ago. “Same goose bumps”…. the memorial is well kept, and at least during our visit, was attended by only a few other “Winter Texans” like us. You can stroll leisurely around the memorial, stopping to sit at one of the many benches, where you can take your time contemplating the sacrifices made by the soldiers depicted.

It will probably be a moving experience for you, as it was for both of us.

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The campus also has a Marine Museum that is well worth the time it takes to wonder through. There are several knowledgable volunteers stationed about who will be able to answer your questions and tell a story or two.

Semper Fi Marines…… from an old dogface soldier….

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