In the middle of it

It’s amazing how close we are to the sights and sounds of Port Aransas.


Early in the mornings we can hear the frequent sounds of the ferries as they leave port for the other side. Three short blasts indicates the ferry is backing out of port.

The somewhat annoying sound of the Grackles (large black and blue bird) can be heard here throughout the day.  (and everywhere else in Texas, I think…)It’s somewhat like the sound of a broken sewing machine that is about to explode…..


We visited for a few minutes with our neighbors from Green Bay, Wisconsin, learning helpful information about the area and learning, of course that they are Packers fans….

It’s been a sunny delightful day, near 72 degrees with light breezes. Our neighbor on the other side and her dogs sat sunning themselves and relaxing.


Photo by JoAnn Copeland


This afternoon we took a short drive out to the nearest beach (less than 1/2 mile) where we drove right onto the beach and followed it for about 3-4 miles. We could have gone much further, but we were getting hungry and still had dinner to make.


Several surfers were out taking advantage of the higher surf (Texas surf).  We watched as they made several runs.




Wipeout !

Deciding that we weren’t quite ready to go back yet, we stopped at a convenience store for an energy bar to tide us over, and drove another 1/4 mile to the park along the intercoastal waterway near the ferry landing. JoAnn got a couple of photos of dolphins escorting a large ship. I concentrated on the sunset with the colors showing through the palm trees.


We lingered a bit along the intercoastal waterway to watch a ship pass through before heading back home.


All and all, it’s been a nice retirement day on the coast of Texas….. I think we will like it here…

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