Six Pence Pub: British-inspired Comfort Food

Great place to eat in Blowing Rock, NC.


We spent the day recently in Blowing Rock, NC with a friend who “knows the ropes” there.  Her favorite place to dine is the Six Pence Pub so we decided to give it a try.  The pub’s decor is British and they offer a full menu of traditional English and American comfort foods.


I snapped a few pics while we waited for our food just in case I decided to do a review since this place is a favorite of Maggie’s.


Located in the heart of the village, the pub strives to  provide great food and drink in a cozy, congenial, authentic British atmosphere.  The first Six Pence Pub opened in Savannah, GA in 2001 and locations in Blowing Rock, NC and Fort Mill, SC were added in later years.


The pub also offers outdoor dining on their patio.


Dwight’s menu choice for dinner was the Fish & Chips,  beer battered  cod with pub fries.  The plate featured three  flaky filets, lightly battered and cooked to perfection with traditional English cut fries.  He gave it a thumb’s up.


I couldn’t pass up the Bangers and Mash and it didn’t disappoint.  The generous portion of three English recipe “Cumberland” sausages was served with mashed potatoes and gravy and the vegetable of the day.  It was comfort food indeed.


I seldom order dessert, but in this instance I just couldn’t pass up the Irish Bash Pie.  A light cheesecake like dessert, it was flavored with Bailey’s Irish Creme and  was delicious.  Dwight and Maggie had a taste and they agreed.


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