At Home near Bryce Canyon

Ever since our first visit to Bryce Canyon National Park several years ago, we have held fond memories of the amazing landscapes and the unusual colors and formations.

bryce am 15

We were curious to see if those memories of Bryce Canyon are still accurate after all of the incredible places we have visited.  We have visited many of our country’s national parks during the past several years and Bryce Canyon sticks in our minds.

Bryce 64road 1
Bryce 64road 2

An evening and a morning drive along the viewpoints was all it took to confirm our memories. Bryce Canyon is perhaps the most unusual of all the parks we have visited. It’s almost like going into a cavern of staglagmites except there’s no roof…. !

Bryce 64road 4
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Bryce Point, Sunset Point, Sunrise Point, Natural Bridge, Farview Point, Paria Point, all have their own interpretation of this amazing canyon. We have several days here and are looking forward to returning to the various viewpoints for different light conditions….. Please excuse us if we get camera happy…. !!

bryce am 12
bryce am 13

Bryce Canyon, as with Zion and the Grand Canyon has shuttle service to take you from viewpoint to viewpoint. At this time of year, we found that simply driving along the roads to the overlooks was an easy way to see the canyon. During high traffic season the shuttle may make more sense due to possible parking problems along the viewpoints. We had no trouble parking at any of the viewpoints with the exception of Sunset Point which was pretty much covered up. This howeer, was during the middle of the day when traffic was the highest. We went back at sunset and had no problem parking at Sunset Point…… go figure !

bryce am 14

We were here in early May…. The days were bright and clear with cool temperatures. A light jacket felt comfortable. The nights actually were cold…. Temps dropping to the upper 20s and low 30s.

Bryce Canyon did not disappoint us at all. It remains one of our favorites of the National Parks we have visited…. !

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