With few exceptions, most waterfalls can’t be seen from your car in a parking lot.  Go ahead, get out of the car and take a little hike.  Sometimes it’s just a few hundred feet. Some are a mile or more.  Starting where you are and building up to a nice long hike is just a starting step away.  It gets easier as you do it.  Some of our best photos have been taken at the end of a 1/4 mile hike.

Of course, seasoned hikers are looking at several miles of hiking to distant and remote locations.  We are hoping to eventually build up to some of these longer hikes.  We can already tell that practice makes perfect.  We are able to walk much further now than when we first started.  Up and down terrain is getting to be less of a problem.  We still do frequent rest stops, but are finding that even that is getting to be less and less of a problem, as we venture further.

Always take water containers.  You need to keep hydrated.

America has millions of miles of hiking trails.  A good pair of hiking boots, and possibly a hiking pole or two, are all the equipment you need…. unless you are stopping for the night.  But that’s another story…..!




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