Grand Canyon

Trying to find a base camp for touring the Grand Canyon can be a challenge.

grand can 4

If you get too close the rates for a camp site are out of sight….. Too far and you spend the extra on gas driving to and from.

We finally found a nice RV Park in the small town of Williams, AZ, about 50 miles from the park entrance. We found we could drive to the town of Tusayan, just south of the park, and take the shuttle into the park itself, making it both easy to park and easy to get from point to point. The shuttle system at the south rim of the canyon is well designed and user friendly.

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We spent 2 full days riding the shuttle system then 2 additional days driving around on our own.

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Impossible Canyon

grand can 11

At least from a photographic perspective it seems impossible. Over the years I have seen many many photographic attempts to capture the grandeur of the Grand Canyon. Now I have to add my failed attempt to those who have gone before me. Seems we all have to try though. Even though it’s little bits and pieces that we come away with, this amazing wonder is something all should see at least once. My memories of seeing the Grand Canyon about 45 years ago are still vivid as I look on the scenes today. It’s been a great week here.

grand can 9
grand can 10
grand can 13

At the end of our time we felt we had become really familiar with the area and were ready to move on. Our only regret was missing the North Rim. We had spent a few days there when we were younger and really liked the views from there. Unfortunately we were about 2 weeks early for seeing the North Rim again. The roads do not open until May 15th and the Lodge opens on Memorial Day weekend.

grand can 14
grand can 16
grand can 17
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Be sure to spend at least a few days at the Grand Canyon on your tour of the National Parks.  There are many more things to explore in this great park, like riding the mules down into the canyon, running the rapids, etc that we did not do…..

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