Golden Light – 365 Challenge Day 345

“Golden light”


I stepped out of the car, hoping to get a photo of the golden light that I was seeing.

I was sitting in the car looking out over the beach at the fog that was covering my portion of the gulf. As the fog lifted, I saw the colors change from gray to golden. I took a few shots, felt that I must surely have captured what I was seeing, and moved on.


Later, as I viewed the photos in Lightroom, I was disappointed in the results. Still thinking that I should have had better results, I began to ask myself a question that I find myself asking often; “Why did I take those shots? Was I just “snapping and hoping” or did I really see something that I wanted to capture?” Still not getting a good answer, I started looking at the individual photos in the zoom mode, moving the zoomed area around all over the photo wondering if I might have been focused on just a portion of the frame.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Sure enough, as I moved the zoomed area over the right side of one of the photos, I found what I was looking for. By cropping out the area, I found that I only had to do a couple of small adjustments to get the photo above. You may not like it, It’s no masterpiece,  but it makes me “happy” because it tells me why I felt it necessary to step out of the car and set up the shot…… Sometimes your photo really is there… you just have to look around inside the bigger picture to find it……

Original Image


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