Driving the Arizona Strip

Today began with a nice leisurely drive through the Arizona Strip, a broad valley in northern Arizona surrounded by the Vermilion Cliffs, a rugged mountain range of deep red rock.

AZ strip 2
AZ strip 3

This was Hwy 89A, the scenic way from Kanab, UT to Page, AZ where we were to take a boat ride on Lake Powell. This valley, the Arizona Strip , has a history of conflict between the Payutes and the Mormons, as each had different notions of how to live in a high mountain plain. That conflict now has ended, leaving the valley home to thousands of head of high range cattle. The scenery seems to take on both that of the high Arizona desert, and the southern mountains and canyons of Utah.

AZ strip 5
AZ strip 6

Just about in the middle of the Arizona Strip, we came across a small settlement that loosely carried the name “Cliff Dwellers” We’re not sure if this place is for real or is just a tourist inspired place, but the rocks and formations were very unusually placed without much rhyme nor reason (at least to us). ….. But they made us take pictures so you can decide for yourselves.

AZ strip 7
AZ strip 8
AZ strip 9

Nearby was a small motel and some cabins along with a small restaurant.

AZ strip 10
AZ strip 11

By the time we made it to the Marina at Lake Powell, it had rained,was threatening more, and was cold and windy, so we opted out of the boat tour. By driving around the lake overlooks we felt we had seen enough of Lake Powell anyway. It is a beautiful lake in an equally beautiful setting.

AZ strip 15
AZ strip 16

We also came across a boat launch area on the Colorado River where hearty souls launch their rafts and kayaks for the wild ride through Grand Canyon.

AZ strip 17
AZ strip 13
AZ strip 12

On the way home we got a text from our niece and friends saying that they had opted to come out of Zion Park a little early due to stormy weather predictions. We are planning a breakfast together tomorrow morning. It will be fun to learn of their adventures.

AZ strip 14

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