Disc Golf

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Disc Golf

Disc golf courses have sprung up all over the country in recent years. Many are associated with Park & Recs Departments and use city or county park land for the courses. Most disc golf courses are free to play on, offer a wide range of difficulty levels and have well thought out course designs.


The play is very much like regular golf. The holes are usually chain baskets mounted on short poles that catch the discs. Most are par three or four. The overall courses are shorter than regular golf courses. Many go through wooded areas that offer challenges to play. There is usually a concrete or grass tee that you start the hole from, then fairways, and rough, and often water hazards as well.

Starting equipment is usually reasonably priced. You can purchase a driver, mid range, putter and bag for $50 to $75 that will get you going quickly without spending a fortune. If you like the game you can purchase other more expensive discs, and also special flight discs that many feel can give you an advantage. There are also large variations in quality and weights to add to the selection. Of course you will “always” lose your most expensive disc first.

There are lots of video instructions on all aspects of disc golf on You Tube. Check it out, find your style, and get out and play. It’s great exercise without breaking the bank.


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