Deer Lodge Parade

Deer Lodge Fair Parade opens with “The running of the stock”. Drovers drive all the rodeo stock horses through main straight to open the festivities….

tractors 5-3371

We have come to understand that almost everything in Deer Lodge is western…. And why not? The town speaks Montana through and through….

A cow throws out candy… There are lots of horses, and of course lots of tractors.. I heard one little girl ask her friend, “Why are there so many tractors”… The friend answred, “Who cares? They all throw candy”… !

cow with candy2-3353
cow with candy-3351

Demolition Derby Victum

fire truck 1-3329
exhausted rooster-3354
fire truck 2-3333

4-wheeler, Jeeps, motorcycles… and all it takes to make a float is and old trailer, a few bales of hay, and a few buckets to hold the candy that everyone tosses… and of course “Smoky the Bear” rides along…..

fire truck 4-3335
fire truck 5-3339
float 2-3387
float 3-3388
horse 1-3390
horse 4-3394

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