Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park ……. Forty-five years ago while traveling south on Hwy 89 in Utah, heading for the Grand Canyon, we spotted a small sign with an arrow to the right that caught our attention.

coral pink 1

We stopped, turned around, and followed the signs to Coral Pink Sand Dunes for 12 miles into the park. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw the astonishing color and immensity of miles and miles of amazing pink sand.

coral pink 2
coral pink 3

The scene had such an impact on me, I had to go back again, just to see if my memory was even close to accurate….. Yep ! there it is, and it is just as stunning as I remembered. The only difference is the State Park Service has added a few features to make this amazing park more accessible and enjoyable.

coral pink 4
coral pink 5
coral pink 6

There is a large viewing platform with a concrete walkway where you can walk out into the  coral pink sand or even easily push a wheel chair without having to struggle through the deep sand.. Bleachers have been added to the platform so you can just sit for awhile and enjoy the view. You can still walk into the dunes, climb to the tops, and even ski down if you bring your skis or boards. The sand is ever shifting so your tracks will quickly disappear.

coral pink 10
coral pink 7
coral pink 11

To their credit, Utah has also opened large parts of the area, which covers hundreds and hundreds of acres, to well controlled OHV use. They have established strict rules to keep the area pristine, and still allow for exploring deep within the park. Such exploring would not be possible, even for the heartiest of hikers due to the deep sand. The 4-wheelers and bikers we saw were having a blast, and we could see absolutely no adverse impact to the environment of the area….. Hats off to Utah for maintaining and improving the Coral Pink Sand Dunes….. I was really pleased to see one of my long-standing memories is still a place where others can truly enjoy and create their own memories….

coral pink 8
coral pink 11
coral pink 9
coral pink 12
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