Choosing Your RVing Style Before Choosing Your RV Type

Before you settle on an RV type,  (Motorhome, Fifth Wheel, Truck Camper etc) you should spend a little time thinking about your “Style” of RVing.

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The style you choose, or in other words, the way you intend to use your RV, may make a difference in the type of RV you choose. For example: RVs that are towed, will do well when parked for 6 months at a time, the only requirement being preventative maintenance common to all RVs.   Motorhomes, on the other hand, generally will hold up better if they are driven more often, especially the big diesel pushers.

The Snowbird Life

Some like the Snowbird life(more). They may have a permanent home in a northern area, are tired of the harsh winters, and like to travel to a southern state for the winters.  Often they go back to the same area or even the same camping facility year after year because they like it there,  they like the safety of a familiar place, or they have developed friends over the years that they enjoy spending time with. These RVers often form strong bonds of friendship, and can’t wait to get back to their winter homes and winter friends. When the weather starts to heat up, they are equally ready to head back north to a more comfortable climate for the summer months, where more friends and family await.  Many RV camping full timers are also of this mindset, opting to seek out a more climate friendly campground or resort to “summer in”.

Some of the more popular winter destinations are Florida, south Texas, Arizona, and southeastern California.  Popular summer states are Colorado, Montana, Minnesota, and Michigan.

The Wanderers

Other people just simply like RV living. They consider camping a convenient way to travel and see new areas. They like to travel whenever they feel the itch or whenever they need new surroundings. Bitten by wanderlust, they just go whenever and wherever they choose. They trust themselves to deal with the unknown and plan their next stop on the fly. With today’s technology and good GPS systems, it’s easier than ever to locate a campground and get good directions to it. That takes a lot of the uncertainty out of “on the fly” travel.


The Trip Planners

Some are RV trip planners. They plan every move in detail, knowing before they move exactly where they are going, where they will stop along the way, and when they will arrive at their new destination.  These folks like to have pre-arranged reservations and they research campgrounds in detail to learn as much as they can about the place they are going before they even start out.  

Just want to See The World

And finally; “Some people just want to see the world”. For inspiration from what may be the ultimate motorhome dreamers and planners, take a look at Stephen and Monia’s Around The World by Motorhome.

In reality, most full time RVers will end up doing a combination of all of the above. Some trips can be loosely planned. Others, longer trips, for example, may require advance reservations made ahead along the way.  Other times you may just feel like lazing around for a couple of months. The RV lifestyle allows you do it all, depending on your circumstances. It can always be different next year. That’s the beauty of it.  RVing offers the flexibility of change.  There’s nothing set in granite.  You can have it the way you want.

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