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Before you choose your type of RV you need to spend a little time deciding how you intend to use your RV.  Maybe you only want to use your RV for short week-end trips.  If that is the case you can probably get by with a much less expensive RV.  If you are thinking more of doing the snowbird life, where you spend the winters in a southern state where it’s warm, then return to the cooler climates during the summer months, it may be time to invest in a little more versatile and perhaps larger unit.  Full time RVers who actually live in their RVs will probably want to look at their RV purchase more as you might look at purchasing a home, with attention paid to durability, quality of components, and other features such as ease of set up and take down etc.    Following are some short articles about the different RVing Styles and how they might effect which RV type you choose.

snowbird FL

A Snowbird is an RVer who likes warm winters and cool summers.

The weekend warrior uses an RV mostly on weekends and vacations.
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Before you settle on an RV type,  (Motorhome, Fifth Wheel, Truck Camper etc) you should spend a little time thinking about your "Style" of RVing.

autum road

RV Living can be anything you want.

How do Fulltime RVers continue to have family events like holiday get togethers and reunions?

  Simple Living – in an RV First let me say that simple living means something different to everyone. What is simple for me might ...

If you have lived most of your working life on a schedule as we have, the slow living nature of RVing seems almost a luxury.

The Baby Boomer Generation has reached retirement age.
us pic2

Baby boomer camping is no different than any of the other baby boomer issues. We have a tendency to look at what's out there, think ...
fulltime rv pic

  Fulltime RVing So you are considering fulltime rving !  For some, it’s an easy decision.  For others it’s a decision that causes apprehension, maybe even ...
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