tractors 5-3371

We have come to understand that almost everything in Deer Lodge is western…. And why not? The town speaks Montana through and through….

A cow throws out candy… There are lots of horses, and of course lots of tractors.. I heard one little girl ask her friend, “Why are there so many tractors”… The friend answred, “Who cares? They all throw candy”… !

cow with candy2-3353
cow with candy-3351

Demolition Derby Victum

fire truck 1-3329
exhausted rooster-3354
fire truck 2-3333

4-wheeler, Jeeps, motorcycles… and all it takes to make a float is and old trailer, a few bales of hay, and a few buckets to hold the candy that everyone tosses… and of course “Smoky the Bear” rides along…..

fire truck 4-3335
fire truck 5-3339
float 2-3387
float 3-3388
horse 1-3390
horse 4-3394

bannack days 2-2816

Bannack Days 1-2820bannack days 2-2816Bannack Days 3-2814Bannack Days 4-2811Bannack Days 5-2810Bannack Days 6-2804Bannack Days 7-2798Bannack Days 8-2785Bannack Days 9-2784Bannack Days 10-2781Bannack Days 11-2783Stage robbery2-2808Stage robbery-2807Stage robbery2-2808



big boy toys

All boys (and girls) like to take their construction toys to the beach, where there is an enormous amount of sand to scoop and move…. Apparently some of us never get over that….!

ISO 100     f/22      1/350 sec     51 mm focal length

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