Travel 2016


Today we went "leaf looking" and of course went in 2 separate cars. Guys in one, girls in the other....(makes for better conversation).

Over the years this rustic old building has been a butcher shop, pottery and ceramics studio, TV repair shop, bingo hall, and a Feed and Seed Store...... Now it's a ...

The sign says quite a lot about Virginia Old Time Mountain Music, just by the way it's illustrated
8-28-16 A

The Moravian church is a Protestant missionary church that began in what is now known as the Czech Republic.  Members immigrated to America from Germany because of persecution. The first ...
8-26-16 A

We spent another nice afternoon on the Blue Ridge Parkway hiking to "The Cascades", as Cascade Falls on Falls Creek is often called. Located in E. B. Jeffress Park on ...

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