Celebrating Our Independence

7-5-16 A

We spent the evening of the 4th of July here at the Bethel Blast.  Hosted annually by Bethel Baptist Church in Vilas, NC from 5-9 on the 4th, the event is a family friendly (no alcohol) event that is totally free to anyone who would like to attend and includes food, fireworks, and live music.  After dark, the music stops, and the local farmers put on a fireworks show to celebrate the holiday.  The Bethel Blast was originally a family reunion that turned into a church event.  Now it is a community-wide gathering that people donate to year-round.  Church and community members volunteer to help with the celebration, with some preparing food, setting up tents, etc.  There was a huge crowd and we had a very nice time.  The fireworks were awesome and I had great fun trying out the special setting for fireworks on my camera.

That's Dwight in his chair at the music tent.

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