RV Living – Go Where You Like, Do What You Like

RV Living can be anything you want.

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RV Living can be anything you want.  Many people just simply consider camping a convenient way to travel and see new areas. They like to travel whenever they feel the itch or whenever they need new surroundings.  Bitten by wanderlust, they just go whenever and wherever they choose. They trust themselves to deal with the unknown and plan their next stop on the fly. With today’s technology and good GPS systems, it’s easier than ever to locate a campground and get good directions to it. That takes a lot of the uncertainty out of “on the fly” travel.

Do It Your Way


RV living means you can do it any way that suits your tastes. Whether you live in an RV or a cabin in the woods, your lifestyle is your choice. There are no rules on how you have to live in an RV. With a little planning you can even live through a harsh winter in your RV. We know some folks who are consistently going against the grain. They like to live in Colorado in the winters and southern Texas in the summers. They are into both snow skiing and snow machines, so winters in Colorado are just right for them. They also love to bass fish in the spring and summer, so they seek out the best Texas fishing holes in those months. And in between times, who knows where you might find them.

The point is, living in an RV is a mobile way to live. You can park it anywhere you choose. And if you get tired of living there……there’s always a new place down the road and you will still be at home when you get there.

Use Your Imagination

Imagine how nice it would be to stay on the beach until you learn about the tides and what kind of things wash up on the beach overnight.  You get to sample sea food until you really find out what you like.  You can learn how to catch stone crabs along the jetties. (Just take one leg and claw so the crab can still feed itself, then release it.  It will grow another one in it’s place.)  You can watch the sun come up and go down over the gulf of Mexico until you actually experience for yourself the green flash that occasionally occurs for a split second as the sun rises.

beach girls of winter

And after becoming a beach expert, you can drive to Colorado and spend a few weeks near Montrose on the western slope and view the Black Canyon of the Gunnison in all of the different light patterns. You might even identify with Louis L’Amour when he said, “Its so deep you have to look twice to see the bottom. You look as far down as you can and then you have to start there and look again to see the bottom.”  Then there’s the lake at Ridgeway, the historic mountain towns of Ouray and Telluride, and the view of the San Juan’s from Dallas divide.

Live where you want for as long as you want. That’s the way of RV living.

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