10-31-16 Photo Challenge



The former East Tennessee and Virginia Railroad once had a station in Chuckey, TN ( an unincorporated community).  Four years ago a crew carefully numbered each plank and dismantled the 1906 depot to be put into storage.  Eventually it was taken to nearby Jonesborough, TN and reassembled.  Jonesborough had its own depot but it was taken down by the railroad.  We spotted a crew working on the depot as we drove by and stopped for pictures and to see what was going on.  The gentleman in charge offered to give us a tour and told us the story of the depot.  He has been on the project from day one and supervised the  dismantling of the building.  It is being restored  to be used as a museum dedicated to the history of the railroads in the region and will feature many items that were actually used in the depot. Reproductions are being carefully made of one of the original benches.  They are identical except for the lack of scars from use!  Newly made display cabinets match the woodwork and cabinetry of the old depot.  There will also be a restored railroad car for visitors to tour.  Located along the railroad tracks in Jonesborough, (a train went by while we were there) the project should be completed this fall.  We appreciated very much the time that was spent with us and all that we learned about the project.  Yah, one more saved!  

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