10-18-16 Photo Challenge



While driving through the countryside west of Greeneville, TN in search of a covered bridge, we came upon this lovely Schoolhouse block barn quilt.  I jumped out of the car to take a photo and a little terrier pup came charging out at me barking ferociously.  That brought the lady of the house out to scold the pup, and we struck up a conversation.  She proudly told me that the barn quilt is a reproduction of the last quilt (which she now owns) that her grandmother ever made . The quilt was supposed to have additional borders to make it larger but the dear woman who was in her 90’s just did not have the energy to do more so she bound and finished it without the borders.  It was quilted on a quilt rack that was lowered from the ceiling in the house at this site that her granddaughter lives in today.  What a wonderful story.  

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